Purchase of goods and services on credit through monthly salary deduction. Benefits:
  • Immediate approval
  • No guarantor except for purchase of motorcycle and computer
  • No down payment
  • Flexible repayment period up to 5 years


Purchase of daily household items from PERNAMA stores, strictly to members of Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and families. Payment to be made monthly at the stores. Different ranks of MAF are allowed to purchase according to their credit limits.


Goods are also sold to customers through the 'Kutu System', which received overwhelming response from the soldiers' wives. The merchandise involved in the system is mostly glassware such as:-
  • Corningware
  • Visions
  • Corelle
  • Pyrex
  • Glass & stoneware products
More choices of products are introduced during specially-arranged and get-togethers with the soldiers wives from time to time.

Purchase Qualification
  • Open to all members of MAF wives
  • Minimum purchase of RM1,500.00 per group to a maximum of RM3,000.00 for two groups are allowed.
Payment Mode
  • Repayment period of 10 months
  • Payment to be made monthly at PERNAMA stores

4. KEDAI BERSEKUTU (Affliated Shops)

To further supplement the product range, Kedai Bersekutu PERNAMA are continuously expanding to offer more range to our customers.

Types of services offered by Kedai Bersekutu PERNAMA include:-
  • Car repairs and services
  • Furniture
  • Computer
  • Handphone
  • Courts Mammoth
  • Driving School
  • Sports Goods
  • Photograph facilities


Purchase of motorcycles through KASUMA Scheme.

Purchase Qualifications
  • Open only to MAF members and also MAF voluntary corps
  • No down payment
  • Only one guarantor required
  • Loan up to RM10,000.00 maximum


Soldiers and also public can renew insurance policy using the facilities offered at the stores. This service is available at all stores.

Customers are required to bring along with them the following documents upon buying/renewal of their transport insurance:-
  • Copy of BAT C10 or Identity Card
  • RTD Registration card (Original Copy) plus 2 photocopies
  • NCB or existing insurance policy

The policy cover note will be issued upon approval from the KASUMA Unit Scheme, if it is arranged through the KASUMA Scheme. Benefits:-
  • Payment through KASUMA Scheme based on monthly salary deduction.
  • 12-month repayment period
  • MAF members don't have to travel to nearby town to buy/renew their insurance policies anymore. The service is now available in the camps at all PERNAMA stores.


Goods are also sold on 'Pesan & Beli' (Rain cheque basis) and Direct Mail Schemes. wide range of goods not regular to our line are also being offered.

  • Customer are able to purchase goods at their convenience.
  • Multi choice of payment - cash, credit card and KASUMA


Customer delivery service is now made available at all PERNAMA stores. The service is meant for heavy electrical goods only.

Further information

Customers are required to contact PERNAMA Shop Manager for further detailed.

  • Delivery within military camp area - FREE
  • 20km perimeter - RM20.00
  • 20km and above - at an agreed rate.

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